Saturday, 30 May 2020


The project with #bookstopbrixton are currently transforming #somerleytongardens in Brixton. This space will be somewhere for residents to participate in Gardening and relax. We are doing this with Volunteers from the community.
keep watching this space.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Remembering Ben 'Ty' Chijioke

It has been one week since Ben 'Ty' Chijioke passed away. One of Tys close friends Cyndi put the call out for locations to create a wall memorial remembering Ty so we quickly worked out a space on our wall at Brixton Street Gym.
Artist Carleen de sozer had chosen a portrait to create based on a photo by Benji reid.
The plan was to create the wall and have a gathering of friends to celebrate, talk and reflect on the memory of Ben. Music was provided by Handson family and on the weekend the mural was created.
Many thanks to those who came through to pay their respects and show some love.
The photos show the mural from preparation on Friday night into its completion.
Rest in peace Ty

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Progress at the Brixton Street Gym Garden

Since the lockdown began and the Brixton street Gym has been closed the focus has been to work on planter ideas for outside the gym which we will be able to grow food in.
Food security is a major issue in Cities and we think it's important to get back to growing local in order to supply locally. The planters are part of a program with #bookstopbrixton to create a better Somerleyton road that the community can have a hands on involvement in by being a part of the Gardening.
The planters are made by using the waste pallet wood from milegate fish suppliers based on Somerleyton road so many thanks to them.
Keep checking out the progress here

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Growing at Brixton Street Gym

We have the new planters in at Brixton street Gym and will be working on filling them over the next few days with plants and herbs.
We are growing so watch this space

Friday, 1 May 2020

Book stop Brixton is growing

At #bookstopbrixton we are working on some growing ideas throughout this lockdown. Currently we are topping up the shelves daily on Somerleyton road with new titles and we will be expanding the project with a brand new garden.
Check out our progress so far and if you are in Brixton and want free books please come and visit #bookstopbrixton