Saturday, 5 January 2019

Art from watch this space project

We recently visited Lion house in Holborn which is showing the art created by young people from our project in 2013.
Back then we met every Thursday at Notre Dame community centre on the Notre Dame estate and made art from recycled materials.
The pieces on show at Lion House were part of a series we worked on at the end of the project.
Thanks to Gary Pate for organising the show


Thanks to the swlondoner website for shining a light on our #bookstopbrixton project Somerleyton road in Brixton.
You can read it here
In the meantime come and visit and get some free books. We will shortly be expanding to Clapham so Watch This Space.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Book Stop Brixton needs YOU!

Book Stop Brixton has created a Go Fund Me appeal to help us carry out essential work.
Please check out the link here and donate if you can

In the meantime come visit us at 6 Somerleyton Road, Brixton for FREE reading material for all ages.
Thanks to everyone supporting this initiative to promote reading.

Heres us.

And our recent Trip to Brixton, Johannesburg to check out their Peek a book project in Kingston Frost Park

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Congratulations Charity.

On November 2nd 2018 I attended Karatina University in Kagochi, Kenya for the 6th Graduation ceremony in support of Charity Kathure.
This project has supported Charity since 2014 when I met her at Pepo la tumaini in Isiolo. Back then she was mainly doing housework with no chance of attending university due to her financial situation.
I managed to raise enough money to pay her fees and living costs whilst studying and mentored her throughout the course of her studies.
It's amazing to see Charity achieve her dream and go forward in life with a degree in criminology and social sciences under her belt.
Anything is possible in this world with hard work and dedication.
Congratulations to all the students at Karatina university and good luck in the future.
You can see Charity's story here
 Charity in 2014 
 Charity in 2018.....fully graduated

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Ponte City Kids

Today we visited Dlala nje, an organisation that works with young people who live in Ponte Tower in Hillbrow Johannesburg.
This building is one of the most prominent in the city and has a rich history as it was previously hijacked. Today it is managed by Trafalgar Housing in the city.

The young people focused on creating images for t shirts and using imagery like African masks and an image of Ponte tower which we painted onto the shirts.

Thanks to our host Gill and zet and all those who took part.


Kanif, Yugen Blakrok and Thabs