Saturday, 30 May 2015

Painting Brixton

This week we created a Cat Box for a resident and our Painted Brixton crew worked on some letterforms which we then made into small pieces.
 The funky Cat Box
 The new owners of the Cat Box

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Road Kings

This week we have completed a new Book Stop house for outside the Bus stop due to popular demand of our free book service meaning more people can have access to free books. We still need more donations so please feel free to drop off any at 6 Somerleyton Road,Brixton.
We also found an injured crow which was nursed back to health thanks to a diet of worms and water and our Road Crew re sprayed their bikes in " King Gold" adding much needed colour to some old bikes.
Finally we had some visitors to this project all the way from Germany and they came down to look at the many things being created on Somerleyton Road with the community.

 The new Book Stop store
 New plant boxes for residents
 Guiness Trust Occupation pass through
 The Crow we found
 Visitors from Germany come to say Hello
 The Pink has to respray
 King Gold
 Lose the Blue
 All over Gold
 Gold and Black details
 No Pink
Road Kings

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Knowledge is King

We are currently working to collect old books which the young people are selling on Somerleyton Road. Yesterday we cleared a huge amount of books which were destined for the recycling bin and we are hoping to get some more this week via various Donors.
Please check out the Store at the front of Six after school most days. We also experimented with colour this week in the ball court working on practising shapes in preparation for making a mural in a few weeks time.
Thanks to everyone at  for the support

 We sort through the discarded books
 stack them and go to Six to sell
 After we split the money
 practising painting a piece
 going in with spraypaint

 We experiment with differant shapes

 Finished Genie
 Almost done
 The girls have finished
finished Genie

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Painting Brixton

Today we launched Painted Brixton aimed at engaging young people in the arts through Street art. Some veterans of the scene joined in adding colour to the Basketball Court.

 ID fo life
 Bronk on it

 Caves from Tehran
 First to finish
 Inkfet supplies the Ink
 40HK all day
 Sums from TDA Klann, Ireland
 Quake from Italy
 Tizer on portraits
 First to the finishing line

 Neist GF and Solo
 We go in on the word
 Painted Brixton crew
 Genie, first piece
See you next week