Thursday, 25 October 2018

Ponte City Kids

Today we visited Dlala nje, an organisation that works with young people who live in Ponte Tower in Hillbrow Johannesburg.
This building is one of the most prominent in the city and has a rich history as it was previously hijacked. Today it is managed by Trafalgar Housing in the city.

The young people focused on creating images for t shirts and using imagery like African masks and an image of Ponte tower which we painted onto the shirts.

Thanks to our host Gill and zet and all those who took part.


Kanif, Yugen Blakrok and Thabs

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

@streetlight schools. Jeppe Primary school. Johannesburg

Today pupils at Jeppe Primary school took part in the rapid fire T shirt session.
The aim was to create a design for a t shirt and finish it within a hour. Pupils worked in pairs to come up with ideas and concepts for their shirts.

We also looked at the work of @lovepusher and talked about The Hall Of Fame in Stockwell park estate, London and how artists from all over the world come to paint there and the importance of space for artists to express themselves.

Thanks to the staff and Pupils at Jeppe Primary school for their excellent work.
Video here.....

Monday, 22 October 2018

Brixton to Brixton S.A.

On saturday 20th october the Book Stop Brixton project visited the Peek a boo(k) project in kingston frost park, Brixton, Johannesburg.

This initiative was founded by derek smith from
And gives out free books to the community.
During the morning we worked with a packed session of young people eager to create art on T shirts.

We also worked with young people from which is an organisation that provides homes and rehabilitation for children injured in fires which are often in shacks in informal settlements.

Thanks to everyone who came through and we look forward to linking people from Brixton U.k to Brixton S.A.
video here