Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Desert Oasis

The issue of water is especially important in areas like Isiolo County as drought often creates instabilty among the people when it becomes severe. With this in mind we wanted to highlight the water tanks at Tumaini Senior School with new designs. Thanks to a donation of paint from Nemchand Anand & Co and support from the Positive Arts team in the UK the transformation began.
Watch this space for more designs and please support
 This needs a facelift.....badly
 Might need some tough paint
 Some old paint.....really old
 Just add colour

 Finished tank

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Showtime at Hoyas

This week the young people from Tumaini Senior school exhibited their work at Hoya's gallery located in Bula Pesa in Isiolo. Also contributing artwork for the show was Venus Bill from Brixton and our Clapham project ' Watch Our Space'.
Our theme has been the fine tradition of African Masks. Hanny Ahern's group worked on an amazing nest made from recylcled materials.
For our launch pupils and locals got together to check it out for themselves. Thanks to Classes 6,7 and 8 for their fantastic efforts.
 The year of Tumaini......lets go!
 class 6

 All is quiet in Isiolo.....and then.....

 We check out the mask room
 The team discusses mask techniques

 Outside Hoya's
 Inside the Gallery in Isiolo
 Masks everywhere
 Venus Bill with her painting
 Venus's dragon
 Tumaini Senior School

 Hanny's team design a nest

 Africa is THE PLACE TO BE
 The fine art of African masks