Sunday, 26 May 2013

Homework begins here...

This week we had to create and finish an important homework assignment. The brief was simple, to create a poster based on a imaginary event that had to include the date, time, location and theme. We sat down and thought about what would be the most FUN festival to go to and after downing a few rock cakes and scribbling some notes we came up with some finished artwork.
Also on this weeks menu were some outdoor pieces finished and varnished. Keep your eyes peeled, we are not finished yet!
 Eyes down and concentrate
 The ' Dig for chocolate' festival
 Must go to this!
 This sounds amazing!
 Bench made from recycled wood pallets.
 The dragon canvas
 Out there

 The Tile mural for inside
 The Gorilla piece

 Finished piece
Watch our space

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Superheros for hire

This week Nathan Asher helped complete a series of pieces for the front door section. This piece was inspired by comic book superheroes. Enjoy
 We need colour
 First coat then......
 Preparing the pieces
 Working with Ink

The finished piece.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Enter the Dragon

This week we have a brand new exclusive Dragon Painting on our back doors and the fish are swimming all over the building. Never a dull moment on Notre Dame Estate.....join us on Thursday 6pm till 9pm....bring ideas.
 This needs some Dragon Action
 Going in with the first outline
 Nearly done
 wait.....there's more.
 The trees
 Only the best
 Deep sea
 Finding Nemo

Just add Colour....

We are transforming the environment around us and hopefully this will inspire everybody to think outside of the box and be creative. The project is not finished yet, it looks like something is beginning. New artwork by South African artist Jestr and our dedicated crew. Thank you
 We need some colour around here
 hmmm maybe something darker
 looks a bit Ghostly
 wait I can here a voice
 Something is pointing
 Sky Blue it is

 Notre Dame
 As if by magic
 they appear
 The secret Garden

 The mirror project
 Working it
 Nearly finished

The finished Mirror...Yay!