Sunday, 26 October 2014

From Soweto to Six Brixton

We started work today finishing the artwork on hubcaps designed by our friends in Orlando, Soweto last week. First we designed the patterns to go round the hubcaps and cut them out of plywood. We then added some paint and decorated them with markers. Thanks to our good friends at Block Workout too for keeping us inspired through their dedication to fitness and well being. Go check them out on Youtube.
 adding colour to the shapes

 the finished frame

 Fredrico from Block Workout
 The finished flower
 Thanks Block Workout

 Somerleyton Road
 Into the Garden

Thanks to the kids from Orlando, Soweto.

Monday, 20 October 2014

From Six Brixton to Soweto

Today we were in Orlando, Soweto to create some artwork from found Hubcaps. The young people had an hour to create a design and finish it using markers and spraypaint. These hubcaps will be made into artwork which will go into our secret garden in Brixton, London. Thanks to Ekse, Kevin Love, Grayscale and Montana Black for the support.
 We are here
 Getting ideas
 Our canvas

 We spray the wheel

 Now add the....MARKER PENS

 Wheel done....BOOM
 The design team negotiate colour sequences

 Finished design

 Going in heavy on the lines
 Thanks team

 The finished off to London
Graf session in Soweto

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Bjala crew paintout

At Bjala house on Madison St Jeppestown some of the residents got together for an impromptu paint session. The materials used were old plaster tiles which had recently been removed and all materials supplied were from our good friends at Grayscale concepts and Montana black.
Thanks to chantal mann at for the use of the space.
 The canvases.....freshly stacked
 scouting for portrait inspiration in Jeppestown
 Bjala crew start
 Whats it all about?
 Going in heavy

 The elephant is making progress
 Miss Finch portrait

And its goodbye from us

The House of knowledge. Johannesburg

The house of knowledge was a concept originally created on Somerleyton Road in Brixton. The idea was to make books accessible to young people by creating a street library. Having been successful with this and its use it made sense to recreate the same concept in Johannesburg. The space to create this was  to be an artists space on mitchell street in the heart of Jeppestown run by Angel Khumalo and Chantal Mann at
All the pallets were kindly donated by Mr. Baggins, a well known street art photographer who also gave us our first books along with Lone Poulsen. Within an hour of it being completed we had our first customers to the library. If you can donate books and you are in the Gauteng area please contact The library is at 28 Madison St, Jeppestown, Johannesburg.
Many thanks to Grayscale Concepts and Montana Black for the support.
 As the sun sets.....
 we have an idea too.....
 Get our Knowledge ON!
 we build the first house and...
 pose for the camera.
 the main frame
 Bjala crew in the house
 we use old tyres
 Bjala crew get messy
 Second library built
 just add paint

 First house complete


 Recycle everything

 The second house is finished
 Our first customer to The House Of Knowledge

 Jeppe children's drawings up

Come to the house of Knowledge