Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rock Workout.

Today at Six Brixton we made the most sales from our Rock Cakes with Rebecca making a whopping £10 in just a few hours. We also made sure the guys from Block Workout had some of the Rock Cakes to replace the energy they burn off during their hard training. Also Mary who lives round the corner took delivery of a brand new table made from recycled wood which was donated from our friends at BFK.
Next week we will do some more and publish the recipe so you at home can have a go. Keep watching this space!
 Homemade goodness
 packed with walnuts and raisens
 All sold
Mary's new table from recycled wood.

Introducing our special recipe

Today at Six Brixton we had some new things to sell on our stall in the way of ROCK CAKES! The recipe has been tweeked at little and we sold 5 batches today. Hopefully word will get around about these ' legends' and we can go into full time production. We might have to join Block workout should the temptation arise to eat too much of our own produce!
 Getting the mix on
 ready to go in the oven
 The product
 Tastes this good
All sold

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Golden Juice

Today at Six Brixton we have been taking the juice out of our wormery and bottling it to sell. We have had the wormery a few months now and in that time we have collected the vegatable scraps from the farmers market every sunday and added it to the wormery.
 The Tiger worms do all the work, munching on the scraps ( and bits of newspaper) and leaving behind compost and a great liquid which is excellent for plants. We tested some on our plants at Six Brixton and they came up amazingly well.
To sell our juice we created a stand out of the donated wood from our friends at BFK in Farringdon who are working with Crossrail on a huge project.
Once the stand was decorated we were ready to go.
Watch this space for more activities and get composting, its amazing what you can create from scraps.

 The veg for the composter
 chopped finely for the worms
 The stand is made
 Next add the base coat
 We decorate the stall
 patterns for the background
 more colour to the background
 Our Worm Juice is so popular that........
the cops want first orders!
 The Golden liquid packed with Nutrients
More Tommorow

Sunday, 27 July 2014

From Underground to Overground

We recently recieved some materials from our friends at BFK ( BAM Ferrovial Kier). They are building a huge Tunnel under London in conjunction with Crossrail which when opened will make crossing the Capital even quicker. What we got was a treasure trove of differant sized wood which we have sorted out and will soon be making some interesting pieces. We decided to make a Sand Pit for Somerleyton Road out of some of the pieces and decorated it with paint.
Our crew cleaned the wood first before assembling the pieces together. Thanks to Susie, Luis and Mabel at Team BFK and Meekien at Crossrail.
 The big Tunnel project at Farringdon......woah !
 Our wood donated by BFK. thanks guys
 We stack it
 This sand will be handy....
 We cut wood to size
 Our sand pit is made
 We clean it for painting
 then add a green base coat
 We create patterns on the base
 Adding spraypaint for effects
 more paint please
 nearly finished
 The finished box
 then we add the sand and.......
Voila! The sand pit is complete.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Building ' The House Of Knowledge'.

We recently created and painted the ' House Of Knowledge' which was made from old wood pallets and sits at Six Brixton on Somerleyton Road. Helping out were residents who created some artwork and helped organise the books. Also Lambeth Council leader Lib Peck and Councillor Rachel Haywood came along to have a look and take home a painting created by Moses.
The Library is open daily at all times so please bring a book and take a book.
 We start with raw pallets
 The sides
 Fix screws at the bottom
 Add base coat to waterproof the wood
 Add Heart
 The finished piece, now we just need books
 Our first donation from local residents
 We make art for the house
 making some art on the pallet wood
 The library gets busy
 How many books can we get in?
 Lambeth Council leader Lib Peck with her picture
 The artists at work
 heads down for some serious painting
 work in progress
We finish with....ICE CREAM!