Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Golden Juice

Today at Six Brixton we have been taking the juice out of our wormery and bottling it to sell. We have had the wormery a few months now and in that time we have collected the vegatable scraps from the farmers market every sunday and added it to the wormery.
 The Tiger worms do all the work, munching on the scraps ( and bits of newspaper) and leaving behind compost and a great liquid which is excellent for plants. We tested some on our plants at Six Brixton and they came up amazingly well.
To sell our juice we created a stand out of the donated wood from our friends at BFK in Farringdon who are working with Crossrail on a huge project.
Once the stand was decorated we were ready to go.
Watch this space for more activities and get composting, its amazing what you can create from scraps.

 The veg for the composter
 chopped finely for the worms
 The stand is made
 Next add the base coat
 We decorate the stall
 patterns for the background
 more colour to the background
 Our Worm Juice is so popular that........
the cops want first orders!
 The Golden liquid packed with Nutrients
More Tommorow

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