Friday, 28 March 2014


We make our final images at camp. Thanks to everyone at Tumaini Senior School.

Greetings from Pepo Le Tumaini

Celebrating 1 year of Devolution

Various groups from across Isiolo County were invited to the stadium in Isiolo to celebrate 1 year of Devolution for all the counties in Kenya. The day consisted of musical performances from differant groups across the County. Thanks to the Governors office for a great day. See what they do here
 A beautiful morning in Isiolo
 A good day for walking......
 Even the Cows are happy.
 Wait. Is this our Bus???
 The General of the Army

 Tumaini crew

We walk....back to base.

The Office

The Office at Pepo Le Tumaini now has new artwork made by the students exhibited on the walls.
 Before and.....

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The new Dining Hall

Back in January work began on constructing the new Dining Hall which is being built at Tumaini Senior School in Isiolo. The young people helped the builders with the foundations by moving rubble off the site along with soil and old wires. The Hall has been completed now with the interior now recieving a coat of paint. Many thanks to NDL Foundation for their support and the Builders and young people of Tumaini Senior for making it happen. Here are just a few photos of the process.
 moving the rubble off site
 The base of the dining hall
 The rubble is moved one wheelbarrow at a time.
 Dining Hall built. Now we paint the interior
 We paint the base coat

 The completed Hall
 Up to the roof we go
Nearly finished.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The walls have been.......

 This looks interesting.....
 Go Green
 more painting

 Finished....lets paint the gate....
 more green
Art at Pepo Le Tumaini