Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Artist Profile: IVORY

Ivory hails from the Bronx.New York and has always been active with the Graf scene in the U.S. He paid a visit recently to Notre Dame Estate so we caught up with him and asked a few questions.

1) What motivates you to paint?
It's in my bones I guess. I've been painting since i'm a kid you know so its just inside me trying to get out.

2) What do you like about graffiti?
  I like that it's a generational thing like the older cats used to show me stuff and now I'm the one showing these new cats how it's done. Thats the continuity of graffiti has that some so called STREET ART guys just ain't got and never will baby.

 3) What inspires you?
Really the old NYC Subway stuff from the 1970's guys like Phase 2, Riff, Pel, Billy167, Nic 707, The Death Squad you know Kool 131, Peso 131, Part, Noc 167, Chain3, all that stuff is what I draw from plus my apprenticeship with guys like Seen TKid 170 And my mentor Roler TM7 with a little Dondi and Tack FBA sprinkled on top. Thats the stuff thats just mind blowing to me these guys devoloped the whole language that we still employ in Style Master type piecing. Basically they got it right on the first shot!
4) What are you working on now?
.I'm still out there doing pieces I just finished a tour of Londons Hall of Fames where I would just show up unannounced and just blow kids minds like look it's IVORY from The Bronx kind of thing. i Just want to shout out to all my blokes from the UK.
 5) What shows have you recently done?
  I've had my first NYC solo show this past June to great satisfaction and i'm just in the studio grinding on my paintings.
6) What is your next project?
I am planning on doing some large scale Museum type paintings with spray paint on linen for an upcoming european show.

Monday, 22 July 2013


The heat is on! In todays session we made some canvas pieces, did some homework and created some art on picture frames. Our show is on Saturday August 3rd from 4pm. We will be showing all the art created and more.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Artist Profile: Fin

Fin is an artist from Johannesburg, South Africa and she recently visited Notre Dame Estate to paint a mural. We asked her a few questions about what she does.

1.) What do you like about painting.

I've always enjoyed painting in any medium. The best thing about painting murals is that it creates a sense of ownership. Joburg's crime rate has always been high and as a result people tend to lock themselves in and are wary of their environment. I've found painting on the street breaks down a lot of barriers. It's also extremely rewarding to be able to create something on that scale and to have it seen on a daily basis.

2.) How did you learn to paint murals

Joburg street artist Miss Propa got me into doing paste ups in 2011 which graduated to using spray paint directly. I learnt the most about painting from Tapz (Demolition Squad) whose years of experience and fearless approach really boosted me as an artist.

3.) What inspires you?

Other artists mostly, animal rights activists, nature, documentaries. 

4.) How did you get involved in the Mamelodi Project
I got to know about Mamelodi through mutual friends In Johannesburg. Fellow artist Reese Moonjava ended up living in Mamelodi for some time to work on the project. His parents have done a lot for the Viva Foundation, which is the orphanage in the area. Every year they invite artists and musicians to take part in the Mamelodi Festival. We stay over for the weekend and paint people's shacks. The idea is to turn the informal settlement into a living art work. So far it has increased tourism in the area, helping small businesses to grow and bringing awareness to the fact that this isn't temporary dwelling for these people and that the government needs to do more to improve their facilities.  

5.) What are you doing in Joburg now

I'm working on a lot of different things at the moment. I'm based at Two By Two Art Studio with my friend Tanner. We run a small gallery in which we host exhibitions, performances and events for young artists in Joburg. The adjoining art store supplies Ironlak spay paint and various On The Run books and products. The main goal at the moment is to get people to create more and to push ourselves as artists too.
The stalking cat
 Notre Dame estate
 Thanks Fin


Be sure to check out Two by Two's facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/twobytwoartstudio .

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Golden Ticket

This week we had some homework based on the Willy Wonka film where we had to create The Golden Ticket. Also in the ever expanding art collection we made a bird picture and a T shirt design.
Catch us next week Thursday 18th July at 6pm sharpish.
 The winning Ticket
 The Tree
 Dragons Den
 Working it
 The Dragon
 The Bird
 Trees R us
 T shirts
 T shirt design
 The amazing Butterfly
 The finished fish
T shirt for Dad.