Tuesday, 29 October 2013

More Organic.

This week our guest artist Morganic set about carving a wooden sculpture for us to paint. See his artworks here www.morganico.com . Also on the menu were masks for the upcoming Halloween party which is on Thursday 31st October from 6pm at The Notre Dame Community Hall on Worsopp drive, Clapham. Expect some bumps in the night and until then, stay creative and watch our space.
 Morganic gets to work
 Working the wood hard
 even the spiders web is covered
 Some fine tuning here
 One down
 Face complete
 All pieces together
 The 3 pieces are prepped with primer
 Now for the paint job and .....
 The finished piece
 Don't litter please
 Some stencil work
 Freehand work
 The masks
 Oh NO!
 3 wise men

 Shakils mask

 DJ Sarah Love

 One More Chance

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Creations

Our latest work has been created using  T Browns wood pallets. Many thanks to Ed for the donations.