Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Artist Profile: Bonzai

Regulars to the Stockwell Hall of Fame will know the work of Bonzai. Mixing futuristic Graf styles Bonzai creates almost Sci fi like art that sits perfectly within our urban landscape. He will be a regular fixture and if you have never seen this artform painted before I suggest you Watch our space.
We asked Bonzai a few Questions about his art after he blessed the yard.
 Take one old Portacabin
 age it
 start again
 raging inferno
 working it
 no time to stop
 must keep warm
1 do you work from a sketch usually when you paint?
I went though a period of free styling my paintings, but, I find that it's better (for me anyway) to have a plan sketched before I approach a wall.

2 where do you get your inspiration from?
I find inspiration for my work in all sorts of things, both natural and man made. 
I take photos on my phone when I'm out of various things and then refer back to them.

3 how long do you spend on a wall on average?
It depends on the size of the wall and how much detail is going into it. But on average I spend around 2 days.

4 your work looks quite sci fi is this something that inspires you?
Yeah, this is one of the things I'm pretty interested in, the Internet is great for inspiration related to this subject. 

5 when do you know when you have ' nailed' the painting? At what point do you say to yourself ' its done'?
Its strange because if you ask me at the beginning of a paint how long it will take I couldn't tell you. It's the same if you ask me about 10 mins before its finished, when its finished, I just know its time to stop.

6 have you any plans for this year?
This year I have a few plans to travel. plus i want to keep pushing myself and the work I do, also make the best of all my spare time to produce high quality work.

7 where can we see your stuff?

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