Friday, 7 June 2013

Today at Notre Dame

This week we managed to work on some completely new surfaces thanks to a donation by The first task was to seperate the items and work out how to use some of the pieces. Right now plans are being drawn up to make some really unique pieces from what we were given. So here is what we did this week using some awesome flashing picture frames. Thanks to Mita at and Catherine.
We will be back at the Notre Dame Community hall on Saturday 15th June from 2pm - 6pm so if you want to finish or start a piece of work please come along.....and bring some sketches and ideas. See you soon.
 donated stuff, right ' to work'.
 hmmn, whats this pile?
 marking out the piece
 We like Dolphins and.......
 Working on the tree
 Working it
 The Cheetah
 Love Notre Dame
 Shakil's Bird
 Volcano alert
 The Hamster
 Cheetah in progress
 The horse
 Sea world
 The Dolphin
 Cheetah on the loose
The Cheetah

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