Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Artist Profile: Codak

L.A based artist " Codak " recently visited Notre Dame Estate to Collaborate with U.K artist Bonzai on a Wall. We caught up with him and talked about his art.

1) How often do you draw?

I try to doodle something at least everyday and if I don't draw something I am at least working on something creative everyday from Drawing, painting, designing, photography to problem solving.
2) what did you study at school?

In school I studied Graphic Design but as far as traditional arts and painting I have had no formal training.

3) What inspires you to paint?

Everything inspires me to paint, Painting is so much more than putting paint or any medium on a surface for me. It informs and cultivates everything about my life…The ups and the downs.

4) how has your work changed?

I am constantly looking to push myself and grow my body of work. Never truly satisfied with with anything and want to keep building each time I paint. So that being said my work has gone from the more traditional vein of graffiti in 1988 to being heavily abstract, line driven, organic, architectural, design based and everything in between.

5) What are you next projects?

Well since I've been traveling for awhile I'm going to take a short break when I get home a recoup! After that I don't really have anything coming down the pipeline at the moment except for some art directing/ design jobs….but I am sure that will change rapidly.

 Check out more of Codak's work here : http://codak38exp.nubook.com/

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