Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fearless in Oxford.

Today was the launch of the Fearless Jam in Oxford which featured some of the best U.K street art talent painting live and work by young people from the Watch Our Space project.
Thanks to Lucien, Laurie, Venus, Nathaniel and Mina for submitting work and to Gary at Uthinkpdp and Dave at for the support.
 lovely canals and.....
 ......a Bull.
 Snow leopard by Venus
 Fox by laurie
 Eagle by Mina
 Dog by Lucien
 Wood portarits
 Phill Blake painting a portrait.
 SOLD! Venus signs a painting
 Phill Blakes finished portrait
 Quick piece
 Just add......
 One Four One

 NT4T nearly finished
 Beta goes abstract

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