Monday, 9 December 2013

Artist Profile: Veronika

Veronika is a artist hailing from Johannesburg who recently worked on a tribute mural to Nelson Mandela on the Notre Dame estate. We had a quick chat with Veronika about art and stuff.
What inspires you to paint?
I feel i have no decision in the matter, weather to paint or not to paint is not an option for me.
It's like a nervous twitch, as if I'm ill and the only way of feeling better is to dance on surfaces with colour and shapes. 

How often do you draw?
80% of the time that i have my eyes open i light up angles in the city or in my house even outdoors
 i'm constantly looking and learning but physically on paper at least 2 scribble sessions a day.

Did you study art?
I went to an art high school  in Johannesburg South Africa
then just hung out with as many inspired artists as i could.

What is it like painting in south Africa?
AWESOME!!! Sunny, fun, a lot of attitude in that place which i dig.

Can you tell us about your work with Roger Ballon?
I've been working on a secret project that will come out early next year.
If you don't know him yet google him and have your mind blown.

What will you be working on in the future?
Im building a time machine.

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