Sunday, 31 August 2014

Khadija and Sarafina visit from Kenya.

Today we had a visit from Khadija and Sarafina from the Tumaini Trust in Isiolo, Kenya. They came to see how our project is running at Six Brixton and some of the artwork on display which was created by children at Tumaini Senior School this year.
The School at Tumaini gives children from a disadvantaged background the opportunity to live successful lives and develop the skills to look after their families.
The school is run by Khadija Omar Rama who is the Founder and Director of the “Pepo la Tumaini Jangwani” organization, the community organization behind the school. She started PLTJ in 1994 to help people with AIDS who had been abandoned by their families. It has gown to serve more than 7,000 families in the area. In 2005 Khadija was nominated by the UN for Woman of the Year.
Here is Khadija talking to CNN reporter Christianne Amanpour about the crisis which faced her community in Isiolo 
We hope to share ideas to make both our communities benefit from each other.
For more info on Tumaini go to
Khadija and Sarafina in front of Fozia's portrait.

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