Saturday, 6 September 2014

Enter the secret Garden.

Today at Six Brixton we have been working on making compost boxes for the secret Garden  with the wood from BFK and some paint from Remakery.  Over the next few months we will be developing this site to bring it to life for the benefit of the community.
We also discovered some frogs on the site which were promptly returned to the pond. We found and tasted Grapes and some amazing Blackberries in the Garden.
Sadly we think the crafty fox who lived in the garden was sadly killed last night, hit by a speeding car on Somerleyton Road. We attended the scene and respectfully wrapped him up and sent him to fox heaven. R.I.P Foxy.
 The Secret Garden.....shssssshhhh
 Making the compost decorations
 The last known sighting of Foxy
 more shapes to make
 The Garden

 The Garden we will be working on
 One Compost bin finished and.....
 ...into the Garden.
 Pots Galore
 The next compost bin from BFK wood
 finished now for the paint job
 Hubcap gets decorated
 second compost bin finished
 Woah! Its a FROG!
 We take the Frog to the pond
 The next compost bin finished and....
 ....into the Secret garden.
 Just add Composting material
Rest in Peace Foxy.

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