Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Years creations at Six Brixton.

Recently at Six Brixton we have been working on creating small houses made out of packing crates. We had a few of these kindly donated by Albert Howard, the recycling manager at so we set about working out how to design the houses and create some graphics for them. Artists Mondi, Ricky lee, Rose, Venus, Theresa and Issac worked on the visuals whilst Boyd and Tony created some of the boxes into plant beds for our other project which will be starting soon. The houses when finished will be donated to local schools and playgrounds once we have  finished them at Six Brixton.

we open the boxes

These will be our houses

This will be our plant box
Finished and off to Tia Ana's Nursery in Stockwell
Artist Mondi starts her painting

Rose adds some graphics
Venus starts her house

Ricky Lee's house

We make soup
Theresa and Issac's house
Keeping warm


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