Sunday, 28 June 2015

Rolling with Viva....

This week our guests from South Africa, Meleney and Emmanuel from The Viva Foundation worked with us on creating some book shelves and garden beds.
These are to be put in the garden of Hill Mead Childrens Centre  for their open day on 29th June. We also finished a new playhouse for the playground and are hoping to add some more pieces over the next week.
We also visited Stockwell Primary School and worked with pupils on their word of the week which was " Forgiveness". The pupils had a hour and a half to design and paint their word whilst Emmanuel and Melaney painted the side wall.
James has also been busy at Number Six creating some new works on the packing crates kindly donated by Martin Speed.
Please check out The Viva Foundation at
 Its going to be one of these days
 First we make the box then....
 give it some paint
 The library for Hill Mead Centre
 At some point.....
 we will....
 get there!
 In place with....
 The plant beds
 New Playhouse

 James works on some new ideas
 The crew give him the thumbs up
 Emmanuel works on a new Plant Box
 New work on Somerleyton Road

 Finished piece
 Meleney and Emmanuel at Stockwell Primary School

 We then work on some walls

 The word is Forgiveness

 The finished Word
 Carolyn and Iman work on the walls
 We start our piece...

 Who let the cat out?
 Iman works on her portrait

 Emmanuel and Meleneys wall
The finished wall

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