Sunday, 22 November 2015

On the streets in Jeppestown

One of the main issues in Jeppestown is housing and evictions. Recently residents from 301 Marshall St were evicted from the building after the owner obtained a court order.
 In Johannesburg buildings are often hijacked and then rented out to families. When the people are evicted often the city does nothing to help them even though they have a legal mandate to do so.
 Right now the families who were evicted from Marshall St are living on the street right outside the property. Their belongings still on the street after 5 days.
Also jeppe sits right next to maboneng precinct which is the area owned by Propertuity and attracts visitors from all over to visit cafes and markets. Many residents in jeppe are worried that the expansion of maboneng will put them in jeapody.
Here are some photos from the eviction including a shot of Nolav and her family. We wish them well and hope they get rehoused soon.

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