Thursday, 15 November 2012

No Flim Flam

This week we got straight into the work and produced some more of the much in demand Tee's. Also on the agenda was prep work for some backdrops and a fantastic piece of Wall art featuring the Orangery. If you are new to this don't forget we are at the Notre Dame Community Hall every Thursday from 6pm till 9pm. We're making art, come join in the fun...
 Yes, no more
 Is it Free now? Old Backdrop
 Getting the canvas ready
 The Orangery
 On a good day.....
 Eyes down.....
 One Tshirt done....needs a bit more
 Yes, Issac in the house
 making more Tee's
 We do this
 The Wall
 More Art
 More Fire
Thats better. More next week.

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