Friday, 30 November 2012

The prop masters!

This week the Team got busy with some prop making for Whippersnappers Christmas show. The task involved creating a tree, fake door and a ginger bread style house all for the stage of the yearly show. Also on the menu the hubcap decoration began with a couple of pieces complete and this looks set to be an amazing decoration project. We also made some more T shirts and finished a mask. Theres just not enough hours for all this work! Join us every Thursday and tell your friends.
 As the Sun goes down over Notre Dame Estate.....
 ...the mask making begins.
 Come out!
 Graphics dept.

 This has to look like a tree
 lets get to work
 Priming the surface
 Nearly done
 Just add colour
 Preparing the Ginger Bread House
 Getting there
 The base coat is complete

 The Door
 Hubcaps ' on road'.
 More Tee's
 We are.....
 Best Friends
 Poetry in motion
 Join us after Dark and......

......DO THIS!

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