Saturday, 4 July 2015

Wait for it......its the Word of the Week!

This week pupils from Stockwell Primary School came together to paint a graffiti version of their ' Word of the week'.
In pairs they had 10 minutes to design a letter from the word and then work together on painting the piece on the wall. We looked at spacing, colours, effects and some background and all this was done within an hour.
Thanks to the pupils for focusing on the task on what seemed like the hottest day so far this year.
 First we paint our section
 Then design the letter
 First outline up and fill in
 Designing the word
 Courage with a flaming " E".
 Next on the menu is........
 wait for it.......
 Snatch paints his word
 Some freestyle Minions on the wall
 Kivante adds his piece

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