Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Watch This Space at Lana's

Recently the project went to work on Lana's Garden which had not seen any work in a long time. The idea was to create a tranquil space which would be good to sit in and also invite guests.
The first obstacle was the ground level. It previously had a concrete floor which had been broken up and remnants of the brick and concrete remained. These had to be bagged up and taken off site.

Then the floor of the garden had to be flattened and we needed to raise it by 2 inches. To do this we used 35 bags of top soil kindly given to us by Junior of JNR Services and Tom, our local guys who clear gardens and donate what they can to our project.

We managed to score some turf so that was half the garden taken care of instantly. What a result!
Then we took some old wood beams from Rushcroft Road which were donated by contractors who were refurbishing the properties there. The beams were made into a small wall and decking area. Also a Rockery was added but with small Tree sections which were aquired from a felled Tree in Clapham.
Plantboxes were also made from the beams and the plants were then added.

The resulting Garden has a real natural feel to it that hopefully Lana and the cats will enjoy during the warm days.
 The beginning
 All the rubble is bagged
 Then flatten the earth
 Rake everything to get it level
 work out where the beams go

 Soil is laid out

 Some planters to start with

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