Sunday, 24 February 2013

Artist Profile: Cave

Cave is a young artist from Iran. His artwork can be seen on the streets of the capital Tehran and he is now based in London. We had a chat and a paint in the Graffiti Garden. Here is what he says...
What inspires you to paint? 
Daily life inspires me to paint, we live in an urban atmosphere. I find painting a way to express my surroundings and how I feel and get rid of the negative stuff that happens to me with listening to music and spraying. music is the key thing, never forget.  
How differant is graffiti culture in Tehran to the U.K? 
Graffiti in the UK is like a grown up man but in Iran its like a child learning how to stand and walk. We have some professional artists as well who go out and paint on a regular basis but they are not too many. The good thing is we have developed Farsi graffiti using Farsi letters. Also we don't have free walls back in Iran so we have to be careful and choose good spots.  
Did you study art? 
Yeah but when I came to the UK. back in Iran I did art and graffiti as a hobby but now that i'm in the uni studying it, its my main thing that's why I came to the UK . 
Where do you want to take your art? 
To be honest i'm not looking  to be famous. Of course its not a bad thing but my main focus is to keep practicing and working and try to show my country's art to the world and help Iranian graffiti improve. Also because of the hard situation in Iran, when I can stand in a free wall painting a piece not in rush and not getting into trouble it feels to me that my art is being taken somewhere already. Also I had the chance to meet writers from different countries and backgrounds, that's satisfying for me. 
How important is drawing? 
I think its really important, it doesn't matter with pencil or charcoal or whatever. Drawing is like practicing and its a good practice for sketching graffiti or drawing characters. It makes you more confident because the movement of your hand is the same its just the medium is different. I can feel the difference when I came to the UK because I started drawing and practicing a lot. 


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