Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Artist Profile: Maser

Maser is an artist hailing from Dublin and has been a key figure in the Irish Graffiti Scene. We caught up with him when he paid a visit to Notre Dame Estate to work on a collaboration with Bonzai and asked him a few questions.
1) What projects have you been doing in the last year?
Working on a number of different projects. I've been traveling to the States quiet a lot the past year, painting walls and having small shows. Have also spent a lot of the year renovating a large space in Dublin, converting it into artists studio and photography area. I've spent a lot of years working from small spaces, resulting in small work. I want to go bigger with my work so decided to build a big work environment. A place for other people from different disciplines can use and share.

2) What inspires you to paint?
So many things, good and bad. The fear of not being remembered, the urge to create something new that has never been done. To paint as a reflection of appreciation for what I love and the people who inspire me. It's actually a really tricky question because painting isn't a separate identity form my life. You are asking what inspires you to live, get out of bed everyday? 

3) Do you draw your ideas first?
Most of the times no. I have a note book that I jot down in words ideas, occasionally a small doodle wit it. If its a large mural yes I'll do a few outlines sketches but most canvas work will have been derived from a few works and a 1 minute doodle. It's already in my head, no need to repeat it. Playing with the elements while painting is also an enjoyable creative process. If everything is laid out already, designed, that fun process is eliminated.

4) What is your biggest project?
The biggest I've under took was the 'They Are Us' project.
I approached a local musician Damien Dempsey about using his lyrics to spread positive messages around Dublin.
It was a 2 year endeavor, exploring the history of Dublin sign writing, people of Dublin, both the rich and the poor. It got me understanding about the homeless, even spent 3 weeks in prison experiencing prison life.
The 20 odd outdoor pieces resulted in an exhibition that raised 30,000 euro for a much needed medical van for the homeless of Dublin.

5) How would you define your style ?
I like the idea of a messenger rather than an artist. So I use typography to communicate my message. I also have a love for clean lines, contrasting colours. The idea of interrupting space. Its a constant journey, frustrating at times but mostly enjoyable.

6) What are you working on at the moment?
Getting ready for my trip to the States next week, photographing some models in the studio for source material for the next mural I'm painting in Cincinnati. The idea is based on 'Falling down but getting back up' Will also be taking a short trip to NY to drop a quick piece.

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