Friday, 26 April 2013

All systems.......GO!

Its seems the weeks go by fast and its only when you look back that you realise how much can get done. Bonzai blessed us in the yard with a new piece and he is now in Los Angeles painting some huge walls. We finished the hubcaps painted by Tumi and some of the children from Alaska Informal Settlement in Mamelodi and also by the pupils from Thabisang Primary School in Soweto. Putting the finishing touches to the artworks was Streatham MP Chuka Umanna who came to visit and see what we were doing.
Watch this space and keep thinking of new ideas...whatever they are.
 New heat......Bonzai
 Enter the dragon
 Kung fu
 The Hulk
 Tumi's Hubcap
 Chuka adds some detail
 nearly done
 Tumi and Chuka's finished piece
 The girls concentrate on the painting
 Jestr, own the gallery
 Jestr, new pieces
 Venus Part this space
 new pieces for outside
 more fish
 From Soweto to Notre Dame Estate
 The hubcaps in the flower
 Chuka adds the details
 just one more bit.....over there
 Thanks Chuka and Thabisang Primary School, Soweto

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