Thursday, 26 June 2014

Brixton going Green

Recently a transformation took place on the Housing Property Services wall owned by Lambeth Council on Somerleyton Road. The idea was to take a bland wall that faces the houses opposite and transform it visually to create a natural but urban designed mural. The challenge for the artists was to work their style into this brief. Bonzai, Lovepusher, Solo and Crymein worked over a period of two weeks to add their own distinctive styles to the mural.
Also the leaves were tidied up and place into specially made composting bins so in a few months there will be fresh compost to be used on other gardening projects. The space will also feature some flower beds by Small World Urbanism to complete the transformation.

 This requires some urgent colour
 Go Green!
 Marking up the pieces
 Bagging the leaves for composting

 Bonzai finished

 Crymein's amazing art
Finished character

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