Sunday, 1 June 2014

Streetshow has landed.

Thursday 22nd may 2014 was the setting for the third Streetshow at a new venue called Six Brixton. The show featured work by John, Risper, and Mary from Tumaini Senior School in Isiolo, Kenya and also Laurie and Venus from the Watch This Space project in Brixton.
Also a series of portraits taken of Tumaini students were created  and these were painted on the indoor walls.  We managed to find time to paint some old bins which turned into  plant pots and a very cool house designed by Rowena Folkes from
If you missed this one hold tight, we're having another on the 21st June so Watch this Space.
 Its gonna get UGLY!
 The day is set
 Tumaini inspired art



 Garden was busy

Rowena Folkes designed the house

Finished playhouse


Mary from Tumaini Senior school, Isiolo.

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