Monday, 2 June 2014

The Growing Tree

Todays mission was to create a mural of a tree with some recycled wood pallets to be used as plant holders to go in the tree. This would add to the garden being created in front of the piece. Also included on the wall were 2 flowers made from recycled hubcaps which were painted by pupils from Thabisang Primary School in Orlando West, Soweto. We had 1 flower painted by children from Alaska Informal Settlement in Mamelodi East, South Africa.
These were then finished by our guest artist M.P. Chuka Umanna who added some finishing touches to the final design.
Our guest artists for painting the plant holders included locals and some friends from South Korea.Thanks to ,, and M.P Chuka Umanna.

 Our plant holders start like this
 Next add a base coat
 Artists work fast
 Now for the wall
 more detail
 steady hands
 The plant holders on the wall

 Pupils from Orlando West, Soweto
 The finished Hubcap design
 The hubcap from Mamelodi
 The design team
 Guest artist M.P Chuka Umanna adds some detail

 The finished piece
 From Soweto to Brixton
 The finished plant holder

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