Saturday, 21 June 2014

Transforming the corner.

Recently we have been working on transforming the corner at Six Brixton on Somerleyton Road. The idea was create a functional area that children could play on using houses which were made from wood pallets and painting a mural on the wall. Tony added some small flower beds which were made from 100 year old pine wood we rescued after being thrown out by contractors on Rushcroft Road. This amazing wood even had handmade nails joining it together.
Also joining us was artist Crymein who added a character to the end wall in his unique style. Our installation also featured a mini Santaferino  which is our favourite Colombian Restaurant in Brixton Village.
We hope you enjoy this transformation as much as we have enjoyed making it.
 Oh dear
 Hmmn might need a facelift
 Council Red
 We take old Pine beams from Rushcroft Road
 Disused Pallets to make the houses
 Making the sides for the houses
 The house
 100 year old Pine beams

 Ricky and Zak paint one of the houses
 Add 1 flower made from pallet wood
 1 house finished
 Local resident Chloe drops by
 The Tree mural is finished

 Our favourite Colombian Restaurant

 Crymein starts his character

 Character finished
 The people gather
 Tony's plant beds finished
 play area finished
Welcome to Six Brixton

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